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Coping Mechanisms

Bust your stress, build healthy sleep routine and calm your anxiety with cool coloring activity.

Build resilience

Join expert mental well-being focused sessions. Practice mindfulness by building the habit of gratitude.

Keep calm with activities such as Breathing techniques, 60 seconds of Rest and Mindful Power breaks.

Tips & Tricks

Loss of a loved one

  1. Give yourself time to grieve
  2. Eat well and take rest
  3. Talk to others, sharing helps
  4. Consider professional help

Financial pressures

  1. Plan your money, now
  2. Set wise goals
  3. Budgeting is key
  4. Control the dangerous debts
  5. Spend consciously

Relationship Issues

  1. Talk, talk, talk. Make expectations clear
  2. Money matters. Talk about it
  3. Family comes first, share your thoughts
  4. Time heals
  5. Professional help is always near