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Why Need Self Diagnostic Tool

This self-diagnostic tool will help organizations determine ‘where they are’ and ‘where they desire to be’ in the Wellness Journey by diagnosing current maturity level of their wellness ecosystem and culture on 7 different parameters as stated below:

  • Strategy and vision to provide the overall strategic direction for mental health by defining the vision, values, principles, and objectives

  • Leadership sponsorship / involvement to ensure senior leaders endorse the program and are engaged and committed to meet the set objectives. 

  • Workplace culture - it is essential to create a psychological safe work place for people to thrive and have open conversations related to mental health challenges

  • Benefits and policies are designed to provide proactive and preventive support 

  • Technology to elevate accessibility of the various programs and benefits extended by organization

  • Communication plan to increase awareness and have regular conversations on mental health

  • Governance and KPIs to assess the utilization and impact of the programs.